About the Regional Joint Work/Family Committee

Who We Are

The Regional Joint Work/Family Committee (Regional Committee) is a bargained-for committee established in 1990. The Regional Committee comprises of six Senior Level Managers and six Local Union Officers representing CWA New York / New England, Verizon, and IBEW 2213.

NY-NE Regional Work and Family Committee

Who is the New York Local Joint Work/Family Committee?

The NY Local Joint W/F Committee (NY Local Committee), comprised of union and management representatives, is responsible for researching, developing, deploying proposals for funding by regional, and communicating work/family initiatives.

Some of the initiatives that have come out of this committee are the following.

Dependent Care Reimbursement

Domestic Abuse Awareness Training

Men & Women as Allies

Pendant Program

Short Notice EWD's (Excused Work Days)

Gradual Return to Work (GRW), where employees can return to work gradually, after the birth or adoption of a child